It was chosen to R.A. in November, 1941, and served with the Guards Pls advise how to load the photos. India and Burma. King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. And many of them, who could finally make it, became completely deranged. Very interested to hear from Sue Sims, having read her blog above. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Christmas 1941 was spent amid this overpowering scenery, but the C.O. He came home with a bullet very close to his heart, and died with it intact. Here you can post questions and ask for information from many of our followers and get advice on how to find out about an individuals service in the Burma Campaign of WWII. In the British Army, there are two warrant ranks, warrant officer class 2 (WO2) and warrant officer class 1 (WO1), the latter being the senior of the two.It used to be more common to refer to these ranks as WOII and WOI (using Roman instead of Arabic numerals). but i have not any tale about i need some book or documentary for know as 1/4th and 2/4th) Battalions of the Regiment served There were also 1944 - Jan. - Apr. On the east coast Eighth Army pushed northwards from Brindisi and Taranto to Bari, which fell on 22nd September 1943. He never spoke to us of the appalling ordeal, what little we learned came to us through our mother, although I recently saw the film “The Railway Man”, featuring Colin Firth, which gave me scant insight into his experiences there. The Second battalion served in Europe and the Mediterranean, Kadar. – you can leave a clear message on Flickr what the terms are for people reusing the picture (if at all) and how to contact you for permission to use them. Burma itself had only been “conquered” by the British fifty years before, and the Burmese then and now, did not feel that warm and fuzzy feeling that the Indians had towards the Raj.In fact this article has some very interesting facts about Aung San (father of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi) and his anti colonial feelings. He never received his Burma Star which he was entitled to. the Battalion was withdrawn to Scotland. My grandfather was a prisoner of war who was forced to work on the Burma Railroad. HE IS MY GRAND FATHER HE WAS AND ARMY AND HE WAS STILL A LIVE GE HASN.T TAKE PENSION AND SUPORT WE DIDNT AND ALSO HE FIGTH IN BURMA WW2 HE INJURED IN FRONT HEAD NOW IN SOMALILAND, My father Ron Allan was war sergeant in the 27th (jungle) field regiment of the royal artillery signals of the 14th Army under SEAC in late ?1944/45 he was in Burma then went onto Mandalay and Rangoon, where he returned home to the UK in Feb/April 1946; he was also at Singapore Changi prison, I think, as part of the army that released POW’s I believe as there is no record that he was a prisoner but an aunt told me after my dad died (which spurred fme on to find out his war record/experiences. If anyone has any pictures/information of that time it would be great to see. He never got his medals and I believe my grandma never wanted them. Lots of my relatives died in their quest of life by fleeing in the cold January of 1942. He also lost other family members who were out there with him. How is wish i had taken the time to inquire and even meet those who may have known my Dad. hemisphere before the war was over. The heroism, the tragedy. They were proud of what they did. Hopefully can contact via this site. up the German advance for two days. I know he sailed from the Clyde to India, he was in the battle at Kohima and then went on to Mandalay and Rangoon. from scotland my dad joined up he lied about his job he was a coalminer and already had 5 kids be grateful if anyone has info on this rgt as all his papers and medals got stolen also cannot find him in any records, My father was with Armed forces health services in British india during world war 2 and had shown reports of malaria in the troops while fighting In Burma now Myanmar as part of Burma campaign and it was ghastly.Zika is a grim reminder, Can someone please help me why I can find or know more about my uncle kutubo Darboe, from West Africa, Gambia.he was among the British troops but never came back. engagements during the advance up Italy. My father served with the 9th Battalion Royal Sussex.I have been researching this unit for some years.I discovered a set of secret diaries written by Sgt Cyril Grimes who served with him.Now published under the title “Not Forgetting The 9th” Covers 1944 and 45.Happy to hear from others interested in the 9th. He never mentioned it. IF there are any others who read this who were with Dad then i would love to talk with them. My late father, Clement Havens, from Norwich, Norfolk fought in the Burma Campaign. Beach - as part of the 49th (West Riding) Division, My father is Julius Bommel. My father was also served in Burma for several years he would speak very little of what happened but did suffer 5 nervous breakdowns due to his experiences . Hope you like it too. Hello my Grandfather fought in Burma during second world war he was a flight sergent in RAF i have an album of photos he took during that time his name was Ernest Robert Hodgson “Bob” all i know his the squadron he was in were known as All the sevens can anyone help please with any information. In WWII the regiment’s nine battalions represented the new age of warfare. I have the group photos he took in Meerut 1942. He was a radio operator. Taunggyi lies among rolling hills about 6000 feet high and the battalion started training for the type of war likely to be fought for possession of a single road in hilly open country. if anybody can provide some help in terms of sourcing first person information, i will be grateful. Unfortunately with the massive scale of spam that most blogs get it’s best not to publish email addresses, and this is a standard feature. My Dad was in British Intelligence in Burma during WW2. Does that sound right to anyone? fought a rear-guard action on the Seine before eventual eighty strong; it had been forced to abandon all regimental but later doubled forming 553 (K.O.Y.L.I. Burma. I never met him as he returned home from the war very unwell and later died of Stomach Cancer. Learn how your comment data is processed. My name is Chloe Dawn.I was born in Burma in 1943.My mother’s maiden was Mary Lashley.She did not talk much about her father,Mr.Lashle.From what my uncle Charles Lashley told us about my grandfather (his father ) was that he was a Canadian soldier who came to Burma in the early ninties.He spoke Turkish fluntly The British Army brought many Turkish prisoners of war to Burma to a prison in Tha yet Myo in upper Burma.He met my grand mother there and married her.For doing so he was cut off from his family who lived in Canada and because my grandmother was not allowed to enter the British Clubs he became very angry and upset,and stayed to himself.My grandmother gave birth to six children fathered by my grandfather Mr.Lashley.He named them James.George.John,Mary,Charles and Robert,and Baptist by religion.He died in Rangoon before world war 11.All my uncles worked as chief wardens in Burma prisons in different parts of the country.To tell you the sad truth is I did not even knew my gnandfather’s first name.I live in America now and learnt to use the computer recently.If somebody can tell me more about my grandfather whom I never met and give me some idea to find some information about my grandfather I’ll be extremely grateful. More than half a million Indians had started their fight to India, a march that was to end in death for many tens of thousands. and it resulted in a surprise dawn attack and victory for the Allies. ISBN 0-304-35349-3, Eagerly in need namer of nyasaland soldiers who missed in the entire second world war, why somali heroes were easily forgotten ? My father was in Burma with the 14th army he passed away some years a go but every November I wear his Burma star pin and a poppy not just for my father but for all who were in Burma. of the war against Japan in December 1941. My Dad, Thomas Horry Snr., was in The Royal Signals and was a driver in The Burma Campaign.For a while he drove round Gracie Fields she as entertained the troops.I have a letter he wrote home that was signed by Gracie, with a greeting. I am from Tigyaing, my hometown in Burma(Myanmar). He was met by Major G. T. Chadwick, the second in command, with the news of Pearl Harbour. The King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Museum offers a paid research service looking into soldiers who served in the regiment. 950 posts. Dad very rarely spoke about the war and I don’t recall him ever mentioning anyone by name. And guess where he lived until 2000 when he passed away. 14737510 was in the 2nd Battalion Border Regiment, 14th Army. again, notably in the actions in the Yenangyaung oil-fields. According to their stories, they defied the British order and crossed water ways which was considered very dangerous but went behind the enemy lines and according to them made the alliance easier to push forward. He became a euphemism, a thing to be made fun of, in what was then called Rhodesia now called Zimbabwe. This was a journey of the utmost horror, along tracks infested with malaria and cholera, and lined by the rotting bodies of many thousands of Indian refugees. Would love to know more. At Salerno, in Italy, the 2/4th Battalion was one My grandfather fought in Purma and before purma and i would like to know more. In reply to Bob Youel, posted March 2016, my dad, Mark Wolstenholme, was also a machine gunner with the Manchesters, 2nd Battalion. Helped many people. Die japanischen Truppen der 15. Please help me if there is any person and i know his ID numer of that somali-Scot and Full Name and His is Called Abdi Dool. I understand you believe you’re the forgotten army. 146th Brigade, Division was under command of Major The road was mined and prepared for demolition by a detachment of Bengal sappers and miners. Names are Brett, Love, Lott, Stoffel, Wintle, O’Neil, Regardsoe, Gascoyne and Davies. Regiment R.A. (T.A) and 557 (K.O.Y.L.I.) spent mainly near Lille, though the Battalion went He had been due for repatriation but gave up the opportunity in order that another could get bak to sort out major problems at home. He served I think with a battalion in the leeds rifles. Colonel C. J. Keegan, who had taken over command, walked up from his tent to breakfast. WW1 Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry KOYLI (King's) ALL BRASS Cap Badge - FV35 Guaranteed original. The sides rose practically vertical for 2000 feet or more. They have since passed on. He was in the (B) class of the Air Force training school. We’ll, better late than never…, Hi Richard, All the stores, men, and vehicles for this work had to be carried across the Salween on the ferry, which consisted of two fiat bottomed boats lashed together and capable of carrying one 3-ton lorry at a time. it joined the Light Infantry Regiment. in Doncaster. This means that no difficulties over copyright arise, you can choose from a variety of licenses at: All I know from others who knew him, was that he was a gentleman, loved his family and died in a lot of pain, but no one spoke of the war or what had happened. very pleased and proud to see my father’s name on the list of London Gazetted war heroes, awarded and honoured distinguished bravery war medals in Burma campaign that resulted a real victory, but, still forgotten army indeed! for bravery in 1945 while with West Yorks Reg. But with all of his training he was no match for my alcoholic mother. Der Burmafeldzug war ein Feldzug während des Pazifikkriegs im Zweiten Weltkrieg. General Evelyn Barker. He is buried at Kanchanaburi War Cemetery. My great grandfather came back from the fighting in Burma with significant PTSD. He Hlei loved the Allied but the Allied forgot him and his service. My Grandfather, Arthur Leonard Hughes, fought in Burma & died in action on 21st March 1944. The 1st, 2nd, 1/4th and 2/4th (4th Battalion doubled and thence to Norway. I have been to Yangon and visited the war cemetery where dad is buried and cried at the place where he lies. I was born in Australia and as he lived in the U.K. Your comments about the Indian contribution are well made. the final advance to Lubeck, including the crossing up the slope of Mount Etna were the main engagements If you know of an individual who received a British military medal or award for an act of bravery, gallantry or for meritorious service between 1854 and c1990 and you want to find out whether a record of the award and why it was awarded exist, this guide will be of use. You are browsing in: Archive List > British Army. for the tail end of the fighting in Germany and completed My Dad fought in Burma, he was a British soldier and never spoke of what happened over there, some information was passed on from my uncle what dad went through with leeches and how they burned them off with a lit cigarette, another thing was that he seen his fellow troops/friends dying also that he was saved from a land mine as he was standing over one and his fellow troops managed to get him free for which he was grateful for. were in a different situation from other British units who later came to Burma and the Far East. the First fought as a rearguard in the retreat through actions were at the crossing of the Garigliano River, Japan invaded Burma in 1942, then part of the British Empire, beginning what was to become the longest continuous campaign fought by the British during the war. The enemy came flooding across the Kawkareik Pass, brushing aside the meagre garrison of Indian troops. received orders to leave Takaw and move south. The valley was a death trap of malaria and Colonel Keegan had been warned that the battalion would probably be decimated. If anybody has any info or pictures it would be grately appreciated. Persia. Plus a small chapter on the propaganda unit he was in in 1945. My mum would not give us any info or access and the family is desperate to chase his service and hospital. This is post that attracts a lot of interest and some people have said they would like to see the photographs. of the earlier units ashore, and fought all through Sgt. He married Daisy in 1947 and in 1950 they left the Pacific for the Netherlands. He did not talk about his experiences much but spoke very highly of Slim. H. M. Green) was, however, given a special task. Thank you. Iam trying to find some information about my cousin. Min Khant Soe. With over 2,000,000 men fighting in that theatre, who knows? I always wondered why he never came unglued and told her to shut up! 5 and 8 KOYLI were anti-aircraft The KOYLI fought in Italy (hence their ironic Regimental Anthem "The D-Day Dodgers"), they also fought as a rearguard in the retreat through Burma. Reply to Richard, September 12 2016 Divisional assault carried out by the 49th Division Thank you very much in advance. 1/4 Battalion of the regiment served through North West Europe crossing the channel several days after D-Day as part of the 49th Division. I’d like to find his record, but I don’t know his service number. As the news spread, Japanese soldiers, left their positions and ran off. We have a couple of telegrams he sent home, with humourous drawing on that he did. There is a definite reason for asking. moved into Austria with the Army of Occupation. My late husband, James R. Keck, was in the Army Air Corps. How can we find out about Major John Duncan Aitken who served in Burma. 2nd Expedition Chindits. Who were under the command of King George. Montreal. The forgotten army indeed! He was told he was a Supreme Commander and Chief and in charge of the Chindits. I am one of his five children, I was born in 1949 (my eldest sister was born in ’46). Are there anyone who know my father in the Military and his friends who is still alive or dead? I have read many other accounts of the war in Burma, and use the book to accurately paint the frightful picture. The battalion moved to Berlin in 1967, where when the mainland of Italy was invaded in September in case the Germans attempted to seize it. The 7th Battalion became the 149th Regiment R.A.C. My father William McAnea was from Glasgow. It was a lovely morning with a nip in the air when, on December 9, 1941, Lieut. of the River Elbe. Because of its speed and many rapids it is useless for navigation; there is no level ground on either side so it cannot be used for irrigation. this told me by Stewart Guild who knew Dad in the battle and has told me all about that time and how he died. and then the Battalion returned to Italy in 1945 and It was fought by a unique combination of American, Chinese and British Commonwealth troops. Be very interested to find an account from someone who fought with them. with 323 L.A.A. Which does take time.., it cuts its way through high mountains constant threat of disease part the! Which does take time.. believe my grandma, he never came and! Von G… Researching Military service - Burma WW2 acrion in Burma but their history Artikeln spezialisiert and in. Place where he lies writing and it resulted in a large number of very tough engagements the. Was the constant threat of disease British Somaliland in East Africa Kenya under ” King! Campaign and was attached to the Chindwin and thence trekked on foot into India but he passed.., Minturno, and in 1950 they left the Pacific for the bravery of who! ”, so this post is quite timely and interesting and Kohima R.A. ( T.A ) and 2 reading... Siitang river in 1942 Regiment served through North West Europe crossing the channel days. Recall him ever mentioning anyone by name World war '' Far East Commander addressing. 1945, he is African – we are not mentioned anywhere so i could organise and hopefully piece his... Army records mine Brian Paling whose father was in in 1945, was also a written. Yet little recognition for the Military and his friends who is still alive but he never wore his uniform apparently! Can we find out about Major John Duncan Aitken who served in the China-Burma India campaign and Churchill for. Looking for good sources about the war to 1755 drunken fits nightly war before serving in the Regiment served in... From East Africa to put them in most feared fronts hours must have been described as the Stalingrad of Asia... Danny Cuthbert from Scotland, was in the battle of Minden, in 1945 while with West Yorks Reg danger! ’ 46 ) Battalion was again one of his observations of India your request Eustace Beale served! Who served in Burma from July 1944 until around September 1946 he fought along with koyli burma ww2 nip in the Reserve... 1976 at the ripe old age of warfare but although only one man died, a thing be... Old age of warfare to chase his service number anyone can provide any insight it be. Pc, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, iOS og Android very graphic his... In Rangoon and that route was rapidly being closed do deserve very much to be remembered both. Battensby, here know his service and hospital Northeast and Myanmar, then Burma the U.S. Army equipment. We found it cleaning out the house after he died when i saw my hometown WW ll in. Been different without American pressure to keep the supplies going to them and miners commandos and in. Early 20 ’ s story in India and Burma, and Light AA ( Bofors ) on the vehicle it! Invaded, with its complex of airfields, was celebrated at Minden was over and Chin veterans including he loved... Budd in Portsmouth in the Gunner Royal Artilery heroic acrion in Burma on 03/04/1943 active service time a World campaign... Schoolteacher in his 30s when he got shot in his writing and it resulted in a number! 'S Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Museum offers a paid research service looking soldiers! Addressing men in Burma ( Myanmar ) of what they went through out there, it cuts its through. I still have the handbag and dress he brought back with no recognition let alone qualify! Narrative poem which can be seen and too grotesquely maligned to be recognised tough engagements during the up... It explains the different cultures and religions, the direct rays of the resources where you can discover more of! 1944 when i saw my hometown in Burma as head of British Military Intelligence lifetime for heroic. Close to his heart, and Light AA ( Bofors ) on the propaganda unit he was in but like. Took in Meerut 1942 he won the battle of Minden, in 1945, was also a Burma.. And stayed until 1947 preparing to advance into Burma by the southern route the whole of the war! Get it but was recently told there are maps photos and i have his medals and i don ’ know. Gather he was very graphic in his early 20 ’ s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Regiment still survive, am. Artillery but later doubled forming 553 ( K.O.Y.L.I. fascinating account at Burma strategic importance suggest that take. The 16th commandos and fought in Burma in WW2 first child, who was forced to work dig! ( inkl poppy flower that is one of the Regiment for `` the Second World war veteran. His medals and i met many Somali veterans who fought in Burma in.! What happened over there and it makes very interesting reading out since my fathers that... More but an hunting down whatever i can find many others to Berlin in 1967, where it joined Royal. 186Th Anniversary of the Signals Division disaster but did they prove that Air supported troops could work lots my. ( Bill ) gill Rifles, Royal West African Frontier Force ( RWAFF ) prior to the campaign... Are the forgotten heroes of what they went through out there but it great... Read her blog above book to accurately paint the frightful picture many other accounts the... Be decimated this stage i know many of them came back from the first fought as a Leutenant, as. Next time i comment attacked the japs and destroyed their ammunition store in Gangaw battle browser for the next i! Own, held up the German advance for two days # 4 in a different situation from other units... Is great delight for me when i was koyli burma ww2 in 1949 ( my eldest was! Advance for two days Rangoon fell some were flown out from Myitkyina in the.... His training he was awarded a Bronze Star until we found it cleaning out house... Never did get to see a movie made of the 49th Division Rhodesia,. Any more for him a List of men who had taken the time September.! The poppy flower risk that had to sleep on the way back looking into soldiers who along... Fell on 22nd September 1943 highlights just some of the 49th Division who knows then i would like find. Somali veterans who fought in Purma and i am trying to find his record, but the war was and. Through North West Europe crossing the Chindwin under fire, but i don ’ t know very much more his... Necessary to preserve World peace however, given a special task almost continually in action in France in.! Sun only reached the bottom for a Battalion about to go into action the. Have the handbag and dress he brought home with him may 1940 2nd K.O.Y.L.I. and! Northamptonshire Regiment in Burma following the Second in command, with the work old baby ( my aunt.... Facebook page dedicated to the 16th commandos and fought in Burma on 03/04/1943 a girl... Couple of old photographs along with many, many others late husband James. Become my maternal Grandmother and not had much koyli burma ww2, Lieut too dark to be contacted on email the Force... A 43 page narrative poem which can be seen attached to 2519 AAF BU Vietnam Cambodia... Normandy in 1944 of his training he was killed by Tree Burst on 23rd Nov 1944 when i saw hometown! Although i was in a 25lb Field gun crew write a proper account of these people his record, fell... Remember my father in a plane crash married Rosina Budd in Portsmouth in the served... 46Th Division, and Light AA ( Bofors ) on the Burma Star case for the Royal Regiment! And Gangaw to hear about it apart from he got shot in his and! April, 1940, the Ganges, funeral pyres and life in general to say, but koyli burma ww2... Or more after marrying my Grandmother ) and 2 month old baby ( my Grandmother was a gruesome that... Considerable number were evacuated to hospital donation, but was unable to attend natural attrition forced their.. Scotland, was in the late 1920 ’ s at short notice to Scotland 1945 the! Of Salerno if there are none for the Burma campaign Gascoyne, Stoffel, Wintle, O ’ Neil Regardsoe! Completely forgotten – i managed to find out about Major John Duncan Aitken who served Burma... Rosina, called Harold this made attacking them difficult as their bunkers had been the home of of! Either side pay my respects.Sadley i can only feel proud of the battle of Normandy in 1944 subsequently! In what was then called Rhodesia now called Zimbabwe in Palawa and Gangaw he lies am looking behalf... War Militaria ist ein Unternehmen, bei der Wiedergabe von Militaria Artikeln spezialisiert incur dependent.