Food in Saudi: A Restaurant Guide to King Abdullah Economic City. On 2 August 2011, it was publicly announced by Kingdom Holding, the investment company, that a contract had been signed by Saudi Binladin Group (SBG), that construction was going to start soon, and that the tower was expected to take 63 months to complete. [37] The smooth, sloped façade of Kingdom Tower particularly induces a beneficial phenomenon known as "wind vortex shedding. This includes the installation of 270 bored piles with diameters of 1.5 metres and 1.8 metres. Women are now allowed to possess and drive cars in the country as per a royal decree issued in June 2018. That translates to a growth rate of 1.50% from 2020 when the population of Saudi Arabia was estimated to be 34.81 million. [122] The project's primary proponent, Prince Al-Waleed said, "Building this tower in Jeddah sends a financial and economic message that should not be ignored. [89] Additionally, a very large core size is required in very tall buildings to support the structure as well as to house the large number of elevators needed. [84] In February 2018, Mounib Hammoud, CEO of Jeddah Economic City, said that construction is continuing and that they hoped to open the tower by 2020. We have seen varying figures in several sources while researching data on the population of Saudi Arabia. ACCIONA is the EPC contractor for Jebel Ali SWRO, which it expects to complete by 2021. The current population was estimated by considering the population growth rates in major cities as well as other factors influencing population, like birth, immigration and mortality rates. The city of Sultanah in Al Madina district with a population of 0.95 million is fourth and Dammam is fifth with 0.77 million people. [65], In early August 2011, the Binladin Group was chosen as the main construction contractor with the signing of an SR4.6 billion (US$1.23 billion) contract,[2] which is less than it cost to build the Burj Khalifa (US$1.5 billion). [100] However, there is also an increasing problem of poor education levels in Arab countries due to a lack of spending in research and education, which it is argued should be invested in rather than building skyscrapers,[124] and that the tower is nothing more than a symbol of hubris. [63] Adrian Smith denied that he was a part of any of the earlier designs, which had been purported in the media. Jeddah Tower's 50-hectare (120-acre) plot, along with surrounding buildings, will be the first of a three-phase Jeddah Economic City development. There are 1.54 million Indians in Saudi Arabia with most of them employed in the hospitality and mining industries. Daten und Fakten. The country is undergoing a rapid socio-economic transformation that is spearheaded by the Saudi family. "[95] The concept of profitability derived from building high density developments and malls around such a landmark was taken from the Burj Khalifa, where it has proven successful, as its surrounding malls, hotels and condominiums in the area known as Downtown Dubai[99] have generated the most considerable revenue out of that project as a whole,[95] while the Burj Khalifa itself made little or no profit. [52] The Burj Khalifa actually takes in the cooler, cleaner air from the top floors and uses it to air condition the building. In his Vision 2030 statement, the Crown Prince Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz envisions to build Saudi Arabia as an investment powerhouse and a hub connecting the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa. [92], Like Burj Khalifa, Jeddah employs a similar Y-shaped, triangular footprint which promotes stability[52] and increases window views,[93] as well as a tapering form,[94] with the sheer height and wind being the biggest structural design challenge. Viruses like COVID-19 pose a threat to daily life. Thanks to this vibrant economy, the population will continue to grow with the influx of expatriates from all over the world. [85] On March 12 construction of the tower moved forward after the delay. The House of Saudi has been ringing in the changes after Mohammed bin Salman took over as the new crown prince in June 2017. [52] Talal Al Maiman, a board member of Jeddah Economic Company, said, "Jeddah Tower will be a landmark structure that will greatly increase the value of the hundreds of other properties around it in Jeddah Economic City and indeed throughout North Jeddah. The country is a large market for employment in foam, insulation and plastics, as well as chemicals that go into adhesives, coatings and cosmetics. Turkish mayors (2019) US mayors (2020) The largest cities in the world - ranked 1 to 150 March 2018: The below table ranks cities by city population but also provide data on the size of metro areas. There is also significantly more air flow (wind) at heights, which is very strong at one kilometre and had a large impact on the structural design of the tower. [26][57], Designs for the foundation were in place by early August 2011 and the contract for the piling was tendered. [59] Thornton Tomasetti has provided the structural engineering for two of the previous world's tallest building title holders, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, and the Taipei 101 in Taiwan, as well as the under construction Ping An Finance Centre in Shenzhen, which will be the second tallest building in China after completion.