with allied NATO units. a relief operation with the 8th Division. COL John Rafferty, enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1987 and served as an indirect fire infantryman with the 8th Infantry Division in Mainz, Germany for two years. Tanks -- 76mm Howitzer, 50 cal machine gun, 30 cal machine gun; All carried 45 cal Colt 1911 semiauto pistols the most important events in 1966's training calendar. division airborne units made a parachute assault into the Jutland Scouts -- M-1 Girand 30 cal rifles, 1 ea. 1 Mortar Squad, 5 men, 1 Hafltrack w/ 81 mm mortar (Leader was a Sgt). Following an equally impressive and successful Division-size FTX I would regularly get DRs that the MPs had slapped on my people for allegedly disorderly conduct downtown. annual REFORGER training exercises, GORDIAN SHIELD. took orders from the Squadron Comdr. 1 Sept 1971, redesignated as 7th Bn, 16th FA. Airborne units assigned to the 8th Infantry Division in the PENTOMIC configuration (1958-1963): The unit was redesignated as the 1st Airborne Battle Group, 504th Infantry on 1 September 1957. For this reason, the assistance and cooperation within the community is vital. at Hohenfels. 1 September 1971, reorganized & redesignated as 1st Bn, 2nd Field Artillery. Pathfinders maneuvered in the British-sponsored If I recall correctly, the photograph is of the Battalion motor pool. Would be October, 1957. 30 men per platoon. (Mine was 311; C [3] Company, First Platoon, Track 1). We still seemed to operate independently, although I'm sure the Company Commander and his Lts. Also earned by 2/81 was a USAREUR certificate of achievement for their fine nuclear surety program. The 8th Recon Co. joined in other units of the 8th Inf Div on field maneuvers across southern Germany. on May 10, with about ten thousand men and three thousand vehicles The battalion was inactivated in Germany, 31 August 1973. Ladymon's expertise in the PRP has been identified throughout V Corps as exemplary. If you have any It is conducted by USAREUR DCSOPS (Deputy Chief of Staff of Operaions), Department of the Army (DA) or Defense Nuclear Agency (DNA). positions" near the East German border. Brigade adds two infantry battalions, an armor battalion, a field The Bicentennial year witnessed the first of the highly successful Following Korea, he served in a variety of Army aviation units including the Army Aviation Center at Fort Rucker, Alabama as flight instructor and in Mainz, Germany in the 8th Infantry Division. 1 Rifle Squad, 1 APC (M-75), Approx 10 men (Leader was a Sgt) boasts two Attack Helicopter Companies equipped with TOW-armed Cobra [2] [3] The 8th US Infantry Division was inactivated at a solemn ceremony in Bad Kreuznach on 17 January 1992, and the American contingent withdrew from Mainz. Great Education. An "outstanding" rating indicates no comments and no deficiencies and identifies the unit as far exceeding the Army standards. of the PATHFINDER EXPRESS exercises was held in December 1968 in In February of 1972 the Pathfinders conducted KARNIVAL KING, the The 8th Recon Co trained at Grafenwöhr and Hohenfels while we were stationed at Merrell Barracks and later at Johnson Barracks. 4th Brigade and its partnership unit, the 14th Panzer Brigade greeted 3 line platoons & HQ Platoon armored battalions participated in the first ARTEP evaluations conducted I have some photos of that training. personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army Headquarters Platoon included: Cooks, Mechanics, Quartermaster (weapons/munitions/clothes). Motor pool facilities and tank parking were across the street. The year 1963 Rifle Squad, 30 cal machine gun, 1 ea. With a youthful sense of invulnerability (or maybe of borderline insanity), I got into the vehicle, drove it to the 1/87 motor pool, then called the Provost Marshal to tell him that I had secured his unlocked and unattended vehicle, and that he should send someone to police it up. I don't remember where that tournament was held. first FTX of division size in USAREUR since 1966, giving credence COOKE BARRACKS 56-57 [email protected] Aldrich, Kevin SP4. As I went out, I noticed that their quarter-ton did not have the lock and chain around the steering wheel. BG John Rafferty, from Great Falls, Va., enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1987 and served as an infantryman with the 8th Infantry Division in Mainz, Germany before attending Longwood University in Farmville, Va., where he was commissioned as a field artillery officer after graduation. 1 Sept 1971, redesignated as 1st Bn, 28th FA. to the 8th Division, the 4th Brigade reunites the 4th "Ivy" On 13 September 1972, 1st Battalion, 83rd Field Artillery is assigned to the 8th Infantry Division and activated at Baumholder, Germany, replacing 5th Bn, 83rd FA. 30 cal machine gun per jeep; Section leader was assigned a 30 cal carbine forces against an opposing force unit provided battalion staffs A unit always strives to achieve either an "excellent" or "outstanding" rating. While injecting increased realism and maximum individual Also in 1973, the division lost its airborne mission. Throughout the year the DIVARTY units, 3rd Bn 16th F.A., 1st Bn 2d F.A., 2d Bn 81st F.A., 1st Bn 83rd F.A., and 2d Bn 20th F.A., train for both ARTEP's (Army Training and Evaluation Program) and TVI's. Gen. Dave R. Palmer and chaired by the 8th Infantry Division Artillery Commander, Col. Dennis J. Reimer, consists of representatives from DIVARTY, 257th Personnel Company, 766th Med. Knowing the soldiers involved, I was pretty sure that well over half of the DRs were unwarranted. For example, SSgt. The exercise was conducted Mortar Squad, 81mm mortar, M-1 Girand 30 cal rifles The TVI takes place in a sterile environment. The training of these nuclear capable units during the battalion ARTEP's includes evaluations of the entire unit and usually lasts 72 hours. (DS), Community Counseling Center, 30th Field Hospital, 708th Maint. ... Robert A. ALDER, SGT. (Certainly the variety of vehicles parked there far exceeded the, TO&E allowance of a mech infantry company of that era.) The 2nd Battalion, The Russians could have stolen it and taken it to East Berlin or Moscow. The 4th stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me. There was considerable tension back then between the 8th Division (2nd Brigade and. ) 1 April 1963, redesignated as 5th Bn, 81st Arty. Except.... From the next day until I left Baumholder in February of 1966, an MP quarter-ton followed me everywhere I went on the installation; a peculiarly malign escort service. The personnel conducting this inspection have 15-20 years in the nuclear field. These were primarily for security clearance investigations and document … The companies parked their tracks across the street (New-York Straße, I think) from the barracks as shown in, photo number 3 of the series, and put their other vehicles down in the, Battalion motor pool. To the best of my knowledge, the 8th Recon Co. was the only Cavalry Troop assigned to th 8th Inf Div. After several days (1963 - 1973) Mainz, Germany America's First Combat Paratroopers If you have any Activated again on 1 July 1940 as part of the build-up of military forces prior to the United States' entry into World War … (1) The 1967 publication "The 8th Infantry Division" (published by the Pathfinder Association) uses the designation "5th Howitzer Battalion (Airborne), 81st Artillery." many joint airborne operations, including BOLD LEAP IV and FIRM I have a photo of me at the gate on guard duty. The track with B Co markings in photo 5 had probably been, in the Battalion motor pool because it was on deadline or for some directed modification. That's approx. In April 1963, the 509th was reactivated as the 509th Infantry Regiment (Airborne/Mechanized) with 1st and 2nd Battalions assigned to the 1st Brigade of the 8th Infantry Division in West Germany. Operation SPEARPOINT in 1976, the Belgian-sponsored Operation BLUE peninsula. long hours of training and planning, the combined armored and infantry His initial assignment was to the 8th Infantry Division (Mechanized) in Mainz, West Germany where he served in Operation Desert Storm. Bn., Directorate of Engineering and Housing, Security Plans and Operations, field artillery battalions and 5th Bn 6th ADA (3rd Bn 59th ADA). The nuclear surety program in Baumholder is controlled and supported by the community as a whole and executed by the field artillery battalions. 8th Infantry Division has 2,629 members. In 1977 the anti-armor and combined arms capabilities of the division I don't believe the companies had motor pools. Infantry Division (Mech) Div., in Field Artillery. During his mid-July 1978 economic summit conference in Bonn, the The battalion was relieved from the 8th Infantry Division and inactivated in Germany, 13 September 1972. Mihalko family in Germany. You have heard of "A Band of Brothers"? in Germany from 1945 to 1989. Posted February 16, 2010 This patch represents the post-war evolution of the famous Golden Arrow division. 1 April 1963, redesignated as 1st Bn, 28th Arty. troops from the division and Spanish Forces. Co. Comdr, Exec Off., 1st Sgt, Platoon Ldrs and Sgts not included above. training year. We were involved in REFORGER ’83 and ’85 as players. With the reassignment of the 1st Battalion, 509th overland to reinforce the Berlin garrison. Reorganized as the 509th Infantry on 1 April 1963 under the Combat Arms Regimental System, the 1/509th Infantry, served with the 8th Infantry Division in Mainz, Germany until it was transferred to Vicenza, Italy, in 1973. Travel for military personnel in Germany in the 1950s was by military train. HHC had the 226/227/228 building set with the aid station located in 227. The operation was a complete success. It is believed to be the only full division-sized In June 1958, the battalion was assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division in Germany, and in 1963 reassigned to the 8th Infantry Division. The division's 1st Brigade conducted The airport serves the general aviation community, with no commercial airline service available. 1st Brigade sign at Lee Barracks, Mainz-Gonsenheim, 1980 (Terry Walters). The inspection usually lasts from three to five days. 8th Infantry Division (Mech) The above photos were taken while we were at Leipheim when our basketball team went there for a tournament. SOUTHERN artillery battalion and a support battalion as well as a cavalry There are five functional areas that are inspected. in Spain, and airborne units from the 8th Division also parachuted The Pathfinder Division continued its spirited drive toward "interoperability" I was the Platoon Leader of the First Platoon of, for about nine months from 1963 to 1964. an "enemy" force that included the 101st Airborne Division. I don't know how long after September of 1966 the change was made, but a dark-painted area on the track in photo number 5 covers the exact area where the old numbers would have been; the new hexagonal marking is painted over it. On 12 December 1958, the 1/504 became part of the 8th Infantry Division and was based at Lee Barracks, in Mainz-Gonsenheim, Germany. I had several unpleasant discussions with the Provost Marshal, whose name I withhold to protect the guilty, discussions that got me nowhere. 7th Howitzer Battalion, 16th Artillery was assigned to the 8th Infantry Division and activated in Baumholder, Germany on 1 May 1960. Attached participation into training, the pitting of battalion-sized task Since 1958 the 8th Infantry Division in Germany had had an Airborne component consisting of the 1st Airborne Battle Group, 504th Infantry, and the 1st Airborne Battle Group, 505th Infantry, as well as other supporting elements on jump status. a highly trained professional command able to meet the enemy head-on The battalion participated in numerous training exercises both at the major training areas (Baumholder, “Graf” and Hohenfels) and in maneuver training areas. This board discusses how the nuclear surety program will be maintained throughout the community and implements any changes or recommendations which will uphold the recognized high standards. The not-later-than date is a little trickier. Det.

The Battalion consolidated in June at FOB Kalsu and began concerted efforts to stabilize their area of operation in Babil Province. in OPERATION BIG LIFT, Pathfinder elements moved into "battle Click here to open 'USArmyGermany' frameset. The motor pools were gravel except for small areas immediately in front of the buildings when I was there although they did convert the parking to concrete after I left. In March, Brigade '76 arrived in Wiesbaden, Germany. HHC 8th Infantry Division. in March 1974, the 8th Division pioneered the introduction of ARTEPs I also did a lot of traveling on my own while in Germany. I also took a 2 week tour from Munich by bus, through Austria, Italy, and Switz. 100 tanks, 300 armored personnel carriers, and 70 self-propelled howitzers at Wiesbaden Air Base. 1 Aug 1957, 28th FA Bn was reorganized and redesignated as 1st FA Bn, 28th Arty. Given all of the above, my guess is the the photographs date from the summer of 1967. Below you will find our selection of U.S. Army 8th Infantry Division Products. These ratings were given for the overall nuclear capability of the unit. This board, under the auspices of Community Commander Brig. 5th Battalion, 3rd Air Defense Artillery. On every inspection the nuclear surety section of 257th has been rated "outstanding". Airborne Battalion Combat Team, SETAF accepted the missions of maintaining The 8th MI Detachment had small field offices in BK, Baumholder, and Heidelberg, where the division had large troop concentrations. Force (SETAF). ORGANIZATION (8th Recon Co): of organizing, the "Hell on Wheels" from Texas conducted Never thought I would ever do those things in my lifetime, so I took advantage of all the travel I could afford. in Germany from 1945 to 1989. 509th Inf (Abn) was inactivated and the 1st Battalion, 509th So after one day and one night at the army quarters in downtown Frankfurt, it was off to BK for further orders. 30 BAR (auto rifle), M-1 Girand 30 cal rifles, Section leader carried a 30 cal carbine To facilitate quality assurance, a nuclear surety board for the military community meets quarterly. The President The battalions 8th Infantry Division (Mech) (Page 3) Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army in Germany from 1945 to 1989. In order to successfully complete the TVI a wide range of community support is required. When the division reorganized from the Pentomic structure to the new structure using brigades and battalions, 1-504th and 1-505th were replaced by 1-509th and 2-509th, respectively. Also, when we went to away football and basketball games. to the Commander-in-Chief, USAREUR's statement that USAREUR was The 8th US Infantry Division was needed during Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm and large parts, including the Ready First Combat Team, were deployed in the Middle East. A joint exercise, PATHFINDER EXPRESS, was held in 1967 which involved Inf (Abn) was assigned to the US Army Southern European Task And, I spent week in Paris. He then attended Longwood University in Farmville, Va where he was commissioned into the regular Army as a Field Artillery officer. 1 April 1963, redesignated as 5th Bn, 83rd Arty. troop and an engineer company to the combat strength of the Division. One kaserne was in Ulm/Neu Ulm. were enhanced by the activation of the 8th Aviation Battalion Command Europe Mobile Force (Land). Company D, 708th Maintenance Battalion, 8th Infantry Division. 1 April 1963, redesignated as 7th Bn, 16th Arty. 8th inf division Association site and links to other military groups.. all branches ... HHC 3/8th Inf (M) Lee Barracks, Mainz-Gonsenheim. I don't remember if the Platoon Leader and Platoon Sergeant each had their own jeeps, but I think they did. And yes, while we were stationed at Merrell, the 8th Recon Co., did pull border patrol at Camp Röhrnbach. "A" & "B" were set up similarly. The division's success proves the capabilities of the division as 8th BIG LIFT was the largest BG John Rafferty, from Great Falls, Va., enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1987 and served as an infantryman with the 8th Infantry Division in Mainz, Germany before attending Longwood University in Farmville, Va., where he was commissioned as a field artillery officer after graduation. Following Korea, he served in a variety of Army aviation units including the Army Aviation Center at Fort Rucker, Alabama as flight instructor and in Mainz, Germany in the 8th Infantry Division. I used the USO services extensively at Merrell to take monthly Sunday daytrips by bus to several areas of interest within 90 miles of Merrell Barracks. I could be off on headcount by 1 or 2. helicopters. in any type of terrain under any conditions. However, the "Field Artillery" Army Lineage Series (1992) does not include the "Airborne" designation in the unit's nomenclature. Army 8th Infantry Division Patch Vinyl Transfer Decal; Army 8th Infantry Division Unit Crest Vinyl Transfer Decal; I encourage adding photos, and comments. In April 1963, the 509th was reactivated as the 509th Infantry Regiment (Airborne/Mechanized) with 1st and 2nd Battalions assigned to the 1st Brigade of the 8th Infantry Division in West Germany. After completing Fixed Wing Aviator School, Ed was stationed in Korea in the ‘Lucky Seven’ Aviation Company. In August 1961, when the East Germans erected the Berlin Wall, and pride with which each unit preforms shows the true credentials The soldiers in the pictures are wearing fatigue caps of a style introduced in early 1963. Gerald Ladymon, NCOIC of Surety Records, PFC Byron Page and Cpl. On October 9, 1956, the 8th Infantry Division officially took its place among the NATO forces in Germany under the US Seventh Army. The battalion was inactivated on 10 July 1972 in Germany. I was the Commander of D Company in 1983-84. of the 8th Infantry Division (M). Because of that, I made sure that I drove one Km/h below the speed limit at all times, made sure the snow was brushed off my license places (they liked to hand out DRs for snow on license plates), and generally cultivated a cheerful paranoia behind the steering wheel. A Co. 1st Bn. We were at this assignment for about 30 days. on the modern, mobile battlefield. With respect to the dates of the photographs, you are correct in supposing that that they. Discover (and save!) with the unique opportunity to perform missions utilizing the combined Amazingly, nothing happened to me. In 1973 LARAMIE GOLDEN ARROW was the high point of the 8th Division's Hope to see you all again! Mess hall was in building 230. His first assignment was in the 18th Field Artillery Line Companies were in 234 and 235 and the HHC/ Battalion Maintenance was in 233. to mass anti-armor forces and equipment in a short period of time While in Germany, I visited a few kasernes, whose names I don't remember, when I visited my uncle who was a MSGT at the time, who also was with the 8th Inf. 1 Tank Section, 2 M-41 tanks, 8 men (1 TC Sgt / SFC each tank)

Relive & share the memories of your service time with your brothers & sisters in arms today. in USAREUR during March and April 1975 when six mechanized and five 1 Sept 1971, redesignated as 5th Bn, 83rd FA. Looking for more information from military/civilian The haircuts seem a bit longer than I remember them, but shorter than would permitted a few years later. Spain. into Turkey during the exercise DEEP FURROW in September. Wackernheim The battalions must successfully complete this before the TVI. FOX in 1977, and hosted Operation CERTAIN SHIELD in 1978. your own Pins on Pinterest The results of this most critcal inspection were exceptional. C Co. 2nd Bn 47th Infantry Regiment (Mechanized) "Panthers", 9th Infantry Division - Camp Bearcat, III Corps, Vietnam. Composition of each line platoon: On April 1, the ROAD concept Click here to open 'USArmyGermany' frameset. was implemented in the division. In early November, as the 2nd Armored bumper numbers is consistent with the pattern used in that period. I was shocked --shocked!-- to see a military-police vehicle unlocked and unattended with all those Russian SMLM vehicles cruising around. MILITARY UNITS - 8TH INFANTRY DIVISION MAINZ GERMANY VetFriends Veteran ID Card Quick Links. 1 May 1960, redesignated as 1st Rkt/How Bn, 28th Arty. After Ed also spent two tours in Vietnam. The 29-hectare site belonged partiall… Looking for more information from military/civilian Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data CMH Pub 45–3–1 Carter, Donald A., 1955-Forging the shield : the U.S. Army in Europe, 1951-1962 / by Donald A. The professionalism (Combat) stationed at Finthen Army Airfield. Additionally, 1/83 and 2/20 received "excellent" ratings during their TVI. Following attendance at the Special Forces Qualification Course, General Brower had assignments with both the 3 rd and 5 th Special Forces Groups, commanding at the Detachment, Company, Battalion and Group levels. saw interoperability in action, viewing a demonstration of the ability This is done in a field environment and encompasses simultaneous operations in conjuction with the conventional role of the artillery. Each are made of the highest quality materials and satisfaction is guaranteed. An "excellent" rating indicates no major problems within the unit evaluated. attacks of Pathfinder units pushed back, surrounded, and captured The 28th Field Artillery Battalion was an element of the 8th Infantry Division in 1955 and transferred from Fort Carson, Colorado to Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany in 1956 as part of Operation GYROSCOPE (Shipment #4888). Div. Dec 5, 2016 - Aerial view of HQ Building, 8th Infantry Division, Bad Kreuznach. They replaced a three-digit unit number, each digit roughly a foot high. President Carter with an impressive display of over 5,000 soldiers, There are also a large number of sailplanes at the airfield. The markings on the sides of the M-113s in photo 3 are unfamiliar to me, which means that they were put there at some point after I left the Division in September of 1966. personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army In the Baumholder tradition of competitive excellence, the "Home of Champions" has established the pinnacle for which other USAREUR units strive. Exercise WINTER ARROW and SOUTHERN ARROW were Responsible was the Wehrkreisverwaltung XII in Wiesbaden, which ran the process together with Robert Barth, the National Socialist mayor of Mainz. "C" Company had troops’ rooms on the second floor and there were classrooms on the 3d floor. 509th Airborne/Mechanized Infantry, 1st Brigade, 8th Inf. The division served in World War I, World War II, and Operation Desert Storm. Three battalions, 3/16, 2/81, 1/2, all achieved "outstanding" ratings from the three major inspecting headquarters. and Belgian troopers. stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me. and deploying the battalion on its own or as part of the Allied On 13 September 1972, 3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery is assigned to the 8th Infantry Division and activated at Baumholder, Germany, replacing 7th Bn, 16th FA. Headquarters for the 8th Infantry Division was located at Bad Kreuznach (BK). I also played touch football on the company level at Johnson. Consequently, given the fatigues and vegetation, the pictures can't be earlier than the summer of that year. Which one is correct? '67-'68. one of the division's battle groups, the 18th Infantry, moved HQ&HQ BTRY, 8th DIVARTY. 1 April 1963, redesignated as 1st Bn, 2nd Arty. Ward are responsible for maintaining over 1,000 PRP records. On 31 August 1973, 2nd Battalion, 81st Field Artillery is assigned to the 8th Infantry Division and activated at Biebrich (Wiesbaden), Germany, replacing 5th Bn, 81st FA. The battalion was inactivated in Germany, 13 September 1972. Within a year the 8th Division participated in GYROSCOPE, reorganization and BIG SWITCH operations, and on December 14, 1957, the division headquarters became operational at Bad Kreuznach , Germany. Division was arriving at Rhein-Main Air Base from Fort Hood, Texas, 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment "Geronimo", 8th Infantry Division (Mechanized) - Mainz Gonsenheim, West Germany, '66. arms team concept. Division and the Pathfinder Division who fought side by side in However, if any portion of the five functional areas controlled by a supporting agency is unsatisfactory, the battalion will be given a satisfactory rating with support rated as unsatisfactory. "D" Company had troops’ rooms on the first floor. We won the area competition and went to the Division Playoffs, before getting beat. ARROW, conducted in May, was one of the largest joint-service airborne These are conducted by DIVARTY FSE (Fire Support Element) and V Corps FSE. When the 8th Recon Co., merged into the 3rd Rcn Squad, 8th Cav, we didn't change any organization, equipment, weaponry, or anything that I can remember. (Page 2) 2nd Howitzer Battalion, 12th Artillery was assigned to the 8th Infantry Division and activated in Baumholder, Germany on 1 May 1960. It started After the ARTEP and within the specified 18 months, the unit undergoes a series of TVI preparation inspections. operations in Europe since World War II. The training highlight of 1965 was Exercise NORDIC AIR, in which The 8th Infantry Division, was an infantry division of the United States Army during the 20th century. LION in 1971, and GOLDEN STEP in Italy in June of 1972. There was nothing much I could do about it, except complain (equally uselessly) to the Battalion Commander, until one day (probably in January of 1964) I happened to be in the Commissary where two MPs were sitting at a desk checking IDs. Mainz-Finthen Airport (German: Flugplatz Mainz-Finthen) (ICAO: EDFZ) is an airport in Germany, located about 3 miles (5 km) southwest of Mainz and approximately 320 miles (510 km) southwest of Berlin.. 133 likes. The construction of the barracks was begun after the remilitarization of the Rhineland (1936) in 1937/38 in the course of the German re-armament in the demilitarized zone established by the peace treaty of Versailles for the security of France and named after Hugo von Kathen, the last military governor of the fortress of Mainz. I played on a company level basketball team at Merrell, then on a battalion level basketball team at Johnson. Company offices were in the basement. the bloody battle of the Hurtgen Forest in World War II. site for ALL ERAS of the 8th Infantry Division and units attached to it from 1942 till 1992 ! military air movement ever conducted up to that time. The second "on the move again". 5th Howitzer Battalion, 83rd Artillery was assigned to the 8th Infantry Division and activated in Baumholder, Germany on 1 May 1960. You will probably be able to verify or dispel that thought. Firepower by platoon above: 5th Howitzer Battalion, 81st Artillery (1) was assigned to the 8th Infantry Division and activated in Gonsenheim (Mainz), Germany on 1 May 1960. These include the Personnel Reliablity Program (PRP), plans and standing operating procedures (SOP's), technical operations, tools and equipment, and publications. troops and the USAREUR garrison MPs. Being a Recon Co, we covered a lot of territory on these training exercises. from the 8th Division, as well as hundreds of Germans, Scottish, 8TH INFANTRY DIVISION MAINZ GERMANY. 1 Scout Section, 6 men, 2 jeeps (Leader was a Sgt) Feb 27, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Steven Dong. Initially activated in January 1918, the unit did not see combat during World War I and returned to the United States. Pathfinder was a busy one for the Pathfinders. 1 Sept 1971, redesignated as 5th Bn, 81st FA. The battalion was relieved from the 8th Infantry Division and inactivated in Germany, 1 April 1963. crossing of the Rhein ever attempted during maneuvers. If I’m reading the map correctly and 236 is the HQ, then the line tank companies were in the barracks 229 and 231 with "A" & "B" in 229 and "C" & "D" in 231. Eighteen months prior to a TVI, field artillery units must undergo a battalion level ARTEP. 2–87 Infantry was inactivated in June 1986, only to be reactivated two years later as the sixth battalion of the 10th Mountain Division, Light Infantry, at Fort Drum, New York.